Aug 26

Play Live is a multi-touch user interface for Ableton Live.


  • intuitive Natural User Interface
  • you can control 32 tracks and 127 scenes, that are 4064 clips
  • track controls are mute, solo, record, send1, send2, pan, level
  • display track levelmeter, name
  • scene feedback name and state
  • clip feedback color, name and state
  • Transportcontrol
  • 2 Returns
  • Master
  • support bidirectional communication
  • easy to setup , just load the “Play” Control Surface

2 Responses to “Coming Soon: Play Live”

  1. Joe Clar sagt:

    This looks so cool. Where can I buy this and how much? Have a good day

  2. Marcus Wenzel sagt:

    A friend of mine just said using the iPad as a controller would be an awesome use for the thing, and than I found your link in the ableton video channel, so you should seriously consider the iPad as a target system.

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