Feb 02

made by James Welburn / Watchsonics. Big Thanks to James!

2 Responses to “Play Box and Play Live video online”

  1. Gustavo Peconick sagt:

    Very nice man!!! Great job!
    Do you think about delivering this app to ipad?
    It would be great! TouchOSC really dont stand a chance against that and JazzMutant is a realy expensive hardware.
    I`m a programmer and also have some good ideas for that. I would like colaborate in delivering this to ipad if you`d like.

    Good luck!

  2. payrou florian sagt:


    I ‘ve just seen the video of your build app

    it’s wonderful

    i ever knew the Jazz mutant Lemur which cost very very expensive

    and i’m very interested in using play live

    so can we get it or not ? i’ve searched all over the web and didn’t find it so if someone can help me to find it it would be very friendly cause i would like to use it on my mutlitouch screen

    thanks a lot

    good work mr kuhn

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