VTouch is a multitouch browser frontend for Ableton Live. Inside your webbrowser you can control clip triggering, volume, send and return levels, mute, solo, record states. This works also on the network, so you can connect your mobile phone, iPads or android tablets easily by just browsing to you local webserver. This project was developed […]


XTouch is a customized multitouch user interface for the elektro duo¬† – electrixx. It controls Ableton live. The software runs on two 32″ multitouch screens. 2010 by Voidnoise. Links: – Voidnoise – electrixx

PlayBox | PlayLive

Play Box is a is a User Interface for Natural User Interaction and Play Live a multi-touch User Interface for Ableton Live. You get a detail description at the projectpage Link: –

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