2010 I worked for Archimedes – a communications agency specialising in science and research – as an softwaredeveloper for the permanent exhibition RE: GENERATION at the Copernicus Science Centre in Warsaw. Links – Archimedes – RE: GENERATION – Archimedes Site – Copernicus Science Centre


VTouch is a multitouch browser frontend for Ableton Live. Inside your webbrowser you can control clip triggering, volume, send and return levels, mute, solo, record states. This works also on the network, so you can connect your mobile phone, iPads or android tablets easily by just browsing to you local webserver. This project was developed […]


XTouch is a customized multitouch user interface for the elektro duo  – electrixx. It controls Ableton live. The software runs on two 32″ multitouch screens. 2010 by Voidnoise. Links: – Voidnoise – electrixx

PlayBox | PlayLive

Play Box is a is a User Interface for Natural User Interaction and Play Live a multi-touch User Interface for Ableton Live. You get a detail description at the projectpage Link: –


Tactone is a circular polyrythmic multitouch sequencer. It has 4 Sequencer. Each sequencer is divided in 3, 5, 7, 9, 13 and 16 Steps. This Grid gives you the possibility to create awesome polyrythmic Patterns with an inuitive Interface. The GUI was coded with libavg and the Audio Engine was coded with fmod. I developed […]

Vj Tool – Ame Zek

I`m currently working with the Berlin electronic Artist “Ame Zek” on a live visual tool for his live performance.   Some visual studies:    


ForFour’s Ursprung liegt in dem Gedanken, ein Musikinterface zu erstellen, bei dem die Musiker – wie etwa bei Jazz-Jam Sessions – in direktem Blickkontakt zueinander stehen. Dies wurde durch einen multitouch Tisch realisiert, wobei jedem Musiker ein Viertel der Tischfläche zur Interaktion zur Verfügung steht. Somit stehen 4 Musiker um einen Tisch und interagieren durch […]


flowsonic started as a student project at the FHTW Berlin in applied computer-science 2005. The intention was an application for 3D computer graphics which tracks the movement of an object in the 3D space and visualizes the movement in real-time. At first we thought about writing a python interface for blender to visualize the movement […]

underground live if nobody watches

2006 – course “Visualisation and Animation” at FHTW Berlin created by: Severin Schwanck, Marco Kuhn Soundtrack: Marco Kuhn

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